June 23rd, 2018


At the Market

At eight o’clock at the market it was already very warm. I’m not looking forward to hotter weather next week and a continued drought.

There was a chap there this morning with a table loaded with orange Penguins, green crime Penguins, white circle crime and other good things. They were a pound each so I only bought these few. He told me he has 5,000 to get rid of! I’m pretty annoyed with him because I didn’t notice until I got home that Anna and her Daughters is not complete. Grr.

These are for huskyteer if she wants them.

I never pass up the chance to buy a John and Mary book because you hardly ever see them. I have a complete set but the one I bought today is a 1st and the jacketed one I already have is a reprint. Purist that I am, I’ll have to keep the first as well. Elsewhere, a seller had a box of modern books. They were of no interest to me but a chap was scanning the barcodes on his phone, presumably to see what he could get for them from Ziffit or a similar outfit. Blimey, the world of the boot sale is changing.