August 23rd, 2019


Oh, good grief!

I was busy and missed the start of today’s match at Headingley. I thought, cynically, ‘I’ll just see if Roy is out yet’ and sure enough he was out, for nine. How many more chances will they give him? I switched off, went downstairs and switched on the radio there and Joe Root was out! I don’t care what Alastair Cook says: I don’t like Root playing at 3. If he’s out cheaply, the opposition think, ‘Whoo hoo! We’ve got their best batsman out already.’ I liked the BBC blog writer’s account of Root’s dismissal, which began, ‘Hello darkness my old friend…’ and went on to say there was 'the sound of silence' over the ground.

Do England expect Jofra Archer to do all the work? I agree with Geoffrey Boycott that they’re in danger of over-bowling him.