March 23rd, 2020


Edward Petherbridge again

I finished watching my DVD of Strong Poison, which was followed by an interview with Edward Petherbridge from 2002. His take on the character he was playing was better than the producer’s. When I first watched this, in the 1980s, I was outraged that in Have his Carcase, it was Bunter, not Peter, who rode the horse bareback on the beach. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know exactly the scene I mean. Petherbridge described this as a battle he lost. He felt strongly (and I agree), that it was essential for Peter’s character that he should ride the horse and that his mastery of the creature was important in his relationship with Harriet. But, he said, they wanted ‘beefcake on a horse’ because Wimsey was ‘a somewhat esoteric taste for the ladies’. What? Who would look twice at Morant (Bunter) when Petherbridge/Wimsey was around? Perhaps I just don’t go for beefcake.

I’ve found the interview on YouTube.

No apologies for using this picture again.

Wimsey with Harriet

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