May 20th, 2020


Surplus plants

I absolutely love foxgloves; they’re second only to primroses in my affections. Last year, I was terribly disappointed not to have a single one in the garden but this year, they’re *everywhere*. Unfortunately, being self-seeded, some have put themselves in the ‘wrong’ places. They might be crowding perennials which need space to grow, or they’re right out of sight, beside the shed (where they are feeding grossly off the compost heap). Some are five-foot spires, not yet in flower, others flowering merrily although they look stunted. I potted up some small ones, intending to plant them out later for next year, only to find a couple of them determined to flower in their pots. I gave those to the neighbours.

What to do with the rest? My solution was to use this old watering can as an outdoor flower vase, so as not to waste the flowers. The can was a present years ago but is now too heavy for me to use when full of water, so I keep it as a garden decoration. Now I have something nice to look at from the window while I wait for the full glory of the display when all the foxgloves are flowering in various parts of the garden. Always something to look forward to.

In other gardening news: why does it never rain on me?