December 30th, 2020

life on mars

TV watch: The Crown

At last, I’ve finished watching season four of The Crown and what a dreary disappointment it was. Here are some impressions you may get from watching it.
1. The Queen never smiles
2. The entire royal family live together all the time in Buckingham Palace.
3. They are so hard up that they can’t afford proper lighting, so live and work in perpetual gloom.
In short, The Crown is full of lies. The historical inaccuracies are too numerous to mention but it is a fictionalised version of events. Yet again, we had to endure Olivia Colman’s ‘I only have one facial expression and it’s that of a miserable old cow’ portrayal of the Queen. Why on earth did she get an Oscar for the role? The makers of this series certainly have it in for the royal family, every single member of which is completely horrible.

There is one shining light and that’s Gillian Anderson’s Margaret Thatcher, so believable as to be almost frightening. The voice is pitch-perfect and she’s even got that strange, head forward, bustling walk she had. It’s uncanny. Now, if they’re handing out any Oscars for this season … Photo from The Independent