June 14th, 2021

school stories

The Chalet School Goes On and On

As usual, I’m reading three books at once and currently, one of them is always a Chalet book.
Does the format of a book affect your reading? I’m devoted to my Kindle but often feel I must read a ‘real’ book. The text should be what matters, yet I do think there are differences (for me, anyway) between reading an e-book, a paperback or a hardback. Take the Chalet School books, for instance. I much prefer to read them in early, fat editions like the example shown below (just finished). Unfortunately, I don’t have many of them. With the earlier books, you get a frontis. by Nina K Brisley and white pages. The fifties reprints far too often have brown pages and are generally inferior in production quality. Could this be what makes me think them worse books?