August 4th, 2021


The Man who Died Twice, Richard Osman

Whoa, Richard Osman has certainly moved up a gear in this second instalment of The Thursday Murder Club Series. With twenty-million pounds-worth of diamonds at stake, anything could happen and it does. Messier murders, the security services, international criminals and drug barons, the mafia and any number of suspects and red herrings. As before, Elizabeth is at the heart of solving the mystery but she wouldn’t manage without her three neighbours, each with their own special contributions, even if that’s just seeming to be a harmless old lady while actually being solid steel.

I like the way the exciting events take place alongside quiet, domestic contentment. I could hardly put the book down for the thrills and suspense, yet at its heart is kindness, and the touching importance of love and friendship to a group of elderly but certainly not-dead-yet inmates of a retirement village. It’s all highly improbable and very enjoyable. If you liked the first book (I did) you’ll like this one even more. Critics who are sniffy about Osman’s sudden, wild success are just suffering from sour grapes, IMO.

I read this thanks to NetGalley and it will be published on 16th September this year.

Words fail me

The Test Match (England v. India) has just started. My very first look at the blog and England are 0 for 1. Will we ever find an opening batsman sho can just STAY IN?
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