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Doing the Tourism

Sometimes, it takes a visitor to make you enjoy the benefits of living in a pretty place. This morning, instead of just going about my business in town I went to see this again

The Priest's House museum, shown here from the lovely garden at the back.

It's a very old building, most recently used as an ironmonger's shop and inherited by a woman who was a great collector of anything to do with local history. When she died the building was left to the town to be used as a museum. There's a paid curator but most of the work is done by volunteers. It's full of social history, with room sets using donated objects. Here's a schoolroom scene

and in the children's room, a display of school related items, including a copy of The Youngest Girl in the Fifth.

I like this farm kitchen with the lamb keeping warm

There's also lots on bronze age and Roman remains found locally. I'll save the garden pictures for another day but have to mention a lovely new shop in town, opened just yesterday.

They sell clothes as well, and I can see lots there that wants to come home with me. Brave people and I wish them well.
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