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children's fiction
The internet turned me into a kidlit buff. I still enjoyed reading some children's books as an adult and I’d picked up quite a few at jumble sales and book fairs. What the internet gave me was more information (I had no idea how many books some series writers had written), the opportunity to buy scarce books and above all, contact with other enthusiasts, some of whom became good friends. Under my new rules, books are supposed to be one in, one out but of course I keep looking wherever I go. Sadly, they are much harder to find these days.

I suppose I have been going on about houses rather a lot lately but that’s hardly surprising when a person has to uproot herself after nearly thirty years in a large house and find somewhere smaller she can stand to live. I’m comfortable with old houses and fell on my feet when I found the thatched cottage I’m now living in. Who’d have thought the south London girl would end up here?

I was surprised Dr Bear picked this one. Although music is very important to me, I didn’t realize that came over in my journal. I like Bach, Purcell, Mozart, Elgar, Bob Dylan, sixties rhythm & blues, punk rock and even some old fashioned light music. I don’t like jazz. If I could be granted a gift, I'd choose to play the piano really well.

Part of me will always be a Londoner but lucky, lucky me to live in such a beautiful place as the one I’ve been in for so long now. I’m half an hour from the beach and the Jurassic Coast, twenty minutes from The Best Garden, see recent post. Two minutes’ walk takes me to the friendly village shop/post office and the pub; five minutes’ drive and I’m back in the centre of our pleasant market town. Where I live, total strangers say ‘good morning’ when you meet.

It’s obviously an open secret that I love plants. I used to be a complete plantaholic, incapable of passing a ‘plants for sale’ sign without investigating; I was also a mad propagator and always trying new things from seed. New rules again: I’m not allowed to buy a plant until I’ve cleared the space I want to put it in. BUT I can buy a plant if it will go in a pot. Just yesterday morning I potted up into nice old clay pots two beautiful and uncommon pelargoniums I bought at Cranborne the other day. Ha ha! I cheat.
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