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October 2018



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Rose Blight

High Summer News

Temperature in Dorset 15°, humidity 89%. Thrilling Test Match. Proms start tonight. RIAT weekend. Pouring with rain most of the day. It must be high summer.

I’ve spent the afternoon driving around between my builders’ units and it looks as though the solution to my storage problems could be

I’ve been looking at dressers old and new and even contemplating having something made for me. Then the wonderful builders told me they just happen to be storing this dresser for another client so of course I rushed down to look at it. They can distress-paint or give it any other finish I want and it could well be the way I get rid of the last of those removals’ boxes.

Then they sent me over to their new low carb futuristic department to look at lights and I can tell you, friends, the future is dim. I need new lighting (more expense!) and may as well get it done before the new carpet and the dresser go in. I can forget bright and cheerful, though; you have to have low and to my mind gloomy. I said, ‘This is like my childhood, when people had forty watt bulbs!’ ‘I’m afraid so; we all have to get used to low level lighting.’ Call me a planet-hating dinosaur, but I don’t like it.


China stored and on display, maybe books at the top. Ooh, goody!
Oh, that's a lovely dresser!
Thank you, I'm really excited about it!

Though it is too big for the Shed anyway. It will be lovely in your house. And I completely agree about modern lighting. Not only dim but slow to warm up. (I feel that could have been a school report for some of the children I used to teach...)
Mine! I'm quite in love with it and can't wait for the work to start. It is big, it will take up most of a wall.

I hate the way lights, TV, radio don't come on immediately! You'd never have been allowed to put those comments on a report, unfortunately.

I agree. We can save energy in other ways, but let's have PROPER LIGHTS!
Lovely dresser - just perfect! I know just what you mean and I hate dim light. My uncle has even got us using those bulbs that are meant to last almost forever and are *even dimmer* - I yearn for the old-fashioned suspended neon light in the kitchen that made a noise as it came on and was wonderfully *bright*!
Thank you, I'm full of plans again.
Neon lights upset me but give me a good old 100W, please!
I'm with you on the lighting. I can't stand dim lighting. And I'm sure it probably uses more electricity to use extra table and standard lamps on than it does to have decent wattage in the main fixture.

In the meantime, though, that dresser is fabulous and I want!
I'm sure you're right about that. It all seems so pointlessly expensive.

Thank you! I can hardly believe the luck. I'd never get a modern storage unit that size for anything like the price.
What a beautiful dresser! I've always wanted one, but unfortunately do not have the room for it. Enjoy!
Thank you! I'm already planning how to arrange things in it.