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March 2019



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L M Montgomery

Elaine at Random Jottings has been writing a lot lately about L M Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables and many other novels. I’d mislaid a link I used to have to a wonderful site about her work and life; I think it was probably this one. It’s full of stuff. You could waste spend a lot of time browsing here, looking at book covers, LMM’s personal scrapbooks, her wedding dress and other trivia. I was rather freaked out by seeing fur from one of her cats pasted into a scrapbook.

It’s always fun to look at covers from different editions of favourite books. (Go to Introduction to Montgomery’s Works and click on View Book Covers.) I have two very nice ones which don’t appear on the site: this

and this.

Curses, curses. I used to have two of the Emily books with the dustwrappers described here as having astonished Montgomery scholars when they arrived in Canada. In my purist way, I sold them and kept the first editions; you can’t always be right. How do people like the Lauren Child design?

I think it makes Anne look too contrary.

Update: picture of Pat of Silver Bush as requested.


I'm not quite sure about the design. I think that in those few lines she has captured how I imagine Anne; however, I always liked Anne as much for the historical context as anything else.

But if it gets children buying and reading her books, then that must be a good thing?
Oh, absolutely and I do like Lauren Child's style. There's nothing of the romantic Anne in that picture, though.
I like the new Anne, but not what she's wearing. Your covers are lovely, all of my LM books just have green or blue binding, no pictures. I liked Pat of Silver Bush very much as a child, do you have a picture of that?
My LMM books are mostly the old Harrap blue or green covers. I do have Pat of Silverbush. No dustwrapper but it does have a colour frontis.
I really don't like the Lauren Child design. Your editions look lovely though especially the Jane of Lantern Hill. I just like classics to look of their period I guess. Certainly as a child "older style" illustrations didn't repel me one bit. Will kids today grow up thinking that illustrations to have "kid-appeal" must be in a cartoony style? Sad if true. Variety in all things!
That Jane is exceptional. I bought it on ABE from a dealer in N.Ireland and when it arrived I was astonished. It was printed in the 1940s and it's like a new book. Quite a treasure!
I expect today's children will grow up used to a number of different styles, as we did. Hope so.
Although I love Lauren Child's illustrations in general, Anne is too sweet a girl to look like that.
It's the mouth, I think.


L.M. Montgomery's journals

Have you read her journals? Our local library got them all for me and, even edited, they vividly re-create an essentially sad life story. The final one made me cry when I realised how very depressed she became. Sorry, not a very cheerful post, just really wanted to say how much I enjoy your journal - found it when trying to identify the author of Sally's Family.
Best wishes Oddny

Re: L.M. Montgomery's journals

Hello, welcome and thanks for the kind words.

I've known about the journals for some time but never read them because I knew there was so much sadness in them. I do read sad biographies but perhaps I subconsciously want to keep the fictional magic of PEI and not spoil it for myself.
I have just read the latest biog of LMM and really quite quite sad and absorbing. Have posted over on Random and have also been reading her journals and am totally drenched in LMM at the moment. I think that a visit to PEI must happen at some stage!
Knowing how sad her life was is what puts me off reading LMM's biography and the journals. You've made me want a re-read and I'd love to visit PEI.

Your FHB books are lovely!