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July Books

I seem to have improved my average this month; it's a lot to do with having books you're really keen to read. Yesterday I set off for the library full of hope, picturing myself coming home with a pile of books but I returned with nothing.

Death at La Fenice, Donna Leon
This is the first Brunetti book so I’m reading them well out of order. I missed characters like Vianello and Signorina Elettra (sp) who appear in the later novels. I also spotted surprising inconsistencies. In this first book, Brunetti is a grump in the mornings and his wife Paula is up and running and together; in the other books I’ve read it’s Paula who has trouble getting up and Brunetti who is relentlessly, irritatingly cheerful in the mornings. Brunetti is investigating the death of a world famous conductor who is very similar to Jilly Cooper’s evil maestro, Ranaldini (see Score and other novels). Unfortunately on page 172 I guessed what had happened, so the rest of the book was just fill-in.

Life After God, Douglas Coupland. A beautiful book, deceptively simply written; every sentence counts.
Delay of Execution, Hazel Holt. Sheila Malory takes a teaching job for a term and investigates a death. I don’t really like her away from Taviscombe. When she’s at home and knows everybody, it’s quite credible that people chat to her and unwittingly drop useful pieces of information. I found it hard to believe that people she’s known only a short time would open up as they do.
Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire, Iain Sinclair *L
Death in Kashmir, M M Kaye
Years ago, I read The Far Pavilions and thought it was dreadful. So I wasn’t expecting much from this, kindly lent to me. To my surprise I enjoyed it very much, far more than many of the modern light thrillers I’ve been reading lately. It’s set in beautiful Kashmir when the British are about to leave India. Sarah, just out of the WAAF, is enjoying a last season there when she unwittingly finds herself caught up in The Great Game, with a romance thrown in. Light, unpretentious, enjoyable. Made me wish I hadn’t got rid of all those Helen Macinnes thrillers I used to have.
Henrietta’s War, Joyce Dennys, re-read
Henrietta Sees it Through, Joyce Dennys re-read
Castle in the Air, Maysie Greig
The Girl from the Fiction Department Sonia Orwell
, Hilary Spurling *L
Miss Buncle’s Book, D E Stevenson
Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven, Fannie Flagg *L
A Proper Education for Girls, Elaine Di Rollo. *L
Emma, Jane Austen. Re-read
The Proper Place, O Douglas. Re-read. I think this must be twice in one year!
Fatal Legacy, Hazel Holt *L
Someone at A Distance, Dorothy Whipple *L
The Poisoning in the Pub, Simon Brett. *L The latest Fethering mystery
The Thoughtful Dresser, Linda Grant

I'm currently reading Force of Nature by Sue Cook and I've ordered these

from The Book People.
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