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January 2019



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Rose Blight

Bad Decisions

I've done some silly things today. The first was to hang out the washing first thing. It's been raining ever since. Another was to persevere with reading a book I was hating. Why? I did the sensible thing and gave up. Hem, the others are too silly to mention. Doing better, I got all these books from Ferndown library, so much better than ours.

I've read Highland Fling before but so long ago I can't remember it. If just one of the others pleases me, I'll be happy.


I so love a fresh pile of library books :)

Have you read Ferney by James Long?
Promising, isn't it?

No! Will go an look it up at once.
I liked the Catriona McPherson very much so hope you do too. Have more you can borrow if you'd like!
Oh good! I liked the look of it.
What a nice batch!

I read 'Ferney' when it first was published and loved it.
Just what a person needs in this weather. I've put Ferney on my wish list!
It's a wonderful book, isn't it? Hard to forget.
Oh, that looks like a Raffaella Barker that I haven't read. How exciting.
My hand went out for it of its own accord.
Personally, I always prefer to have my washing on the line getting rained on, than in the machine (or the basket) damp and festering. Eventually the rain will stop and the washing will dry - but if I leave it in the machine/basket, I may have to run it through again to deal with the festering.
The Winter Ground is on my reading list too! I've enjoyed the other Dandy mysteries a lot. I haven't read Highland Fling - does it fit in with the Love in a Cold Climate series at all?
I've started it, I like it!

I don't think there's any connection between Highland Fling and the later ones but I'll let you know. I think the pre-war books were try-outs.