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Domestic News

It suddenly feels like August, what with all the sun and the bleached grasses and all. There's a tractor in the field, cutting the grass that was so long the deer could hide in it.

This photo is actually the start of a very brief video clip of it sailing past the hedge but I've no idea what to do with it.

The deer which are often in the field and occasionally in my garden have had a baby. Some sweet nuzzling goes on.

Grasshoppers. Harmless but BIG and I really don't want one hopping on my face when I'm in bed. I was just about to run a bath yesterday when I saw a whopper sitting on top of the Radox bottle. So I have to keep catching them and putting them out.

It's time to pick blackberries.

My house is still in chaos, which I hate. By this time next week I may have restored order.
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