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January 2019



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Domestic News

It suddenly feels like August, what with all the sun and the bleached grasses and all. There's a tractor in the field, cutting the grass that was so long the deer could hide in it.

This photo is actually the start of a very brief video clip of it sailing past the hedge but I've no idea what to do with it.

The deer which are often in the field and occasionally in my garden have had a baby. Some sweet nuzzling goes on.

Grasshoppers. Harmless but BIG and I really don't want one hopping on my face when I'm in bed. I was just about to run a bath yesterday when I saw a whopper sitting on top of the Radox bottle. So I have to keep catching them and putting them out.

It's time to pick blackberries.

My house is still in chaos, which I hate. By this time next week I may have restored order.


It suddenly feels like August

It does, doesn't it? There were bales of straw in the fields on the way home yesterday, and lots of berries ripening in the hedgerows. Plus it's nearly exam results time ...
Next up, the Oval Test, then it'll be Last Night of the Proms and farewell summer.
You can catch grasshoppers? You must be quick.
Empty cotton bud boxes are my traps.
Blackberries? Already? I'd better get a move on!
That's what your aunty said, but I've seen quite a few now. I can't reach the ones in my own hedge because of all the ferns in the way.


You are so lucky to see this deer life going on.
How big is BIG? and what is Radox?
Your post reminds me of a wonderful video we watched when my kids were little. I still own it but it hasn't come out on dvd as far as I know. I thought you would be just the person to ask about it since I know of no one who has ever seen it. It was narrated by the actress, Shelley Winters which I found very odd because it is such an English show. But aside from that it is a warm delight. It is called Emma and Grandpa - Adventures on the Farm. It goes through the seasons. The stars are Alan Mason, Emma Helmer; written and produced by Joy Whitby. I'm going to spend some time on the internet looking around for info, but I thought I'd mention it to you.
I hate a chaotic house, too. :<)


Me, again. I did some searching and found the girl, Emma on facebook. (I don't have an acct. but they show you the front page if you search for someone):

and info with pics here:

I wonder why the interview is 'poignant.'
Anyhow, more than you probably wanted or needed to know but I just got so excited thinking you might possibly know of this. I should check with Maureen at Random Distractions and Elaine at Random Jottings too.
Hello! I'd never heard of Emma and Grandpa! Odd, because it's the kind of thing my daughter might have watched.

Your other queries :-) These grasshoppers are about one and a half inches long so not huge by bug standards but quite big enough. Speaking of bugs, the man who came to cut the grass today tells me he thinks there's a wasps' nest in the hedge. Yikes.

Radox is a popular brand of bubble bath here.

I do like watching the deer. I can see them from where I'm sitting upstairs at the desk. Now that the tall gras has gone they look rather exposed. Wasn't it funny about the blueberries? Blueberries for Sal sounds such a lovely book. A few years ago almost no one over here ate them and now they're *the* wonder food. I couldn't grow them on my heavy soil but there's a big nursery just down the road. I love them.

You guys deserve a bit of sunshine! Enjoy while it lasts!
Thank you, it has been miserable. The forecast is for *gasp* hot weather next week.