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March 2019



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life on mars

Yes, It's Lost In CrEmmaford!

Romola Garai escapes the twenty first century to confuse the Highbury locals with an insufferably pert manner and talk of exercise regimes and wraggle taggle travellers-o. How will they cope?


So I take it you didn't like it either? I stopped watching after ten minutes (if that).
I nearly stopped watching before the credits started! I like Mr Knightley, although he seems too young.
Not sure what you're watching, but I love your Life On Mars icon. I finished watching the second series this weekend, and am still chuckling about the 'Camberwick Green' Sam and Gene. The US version is starting on FX soon, and I'll be watching it because the original was so British, I'd love to know how they substituted things like the Test Card Girl.
Thank you, I rather like it myself! That and New Tricks are my favourite series of the past few years. The country that produced Twin Peaks should find a way to spook things.

I was watching the new adaptation of Emma and not liking it much.
Hardly merits being called a review! I've no complaint about Romola Garai's looks; the closing shot of her was indeed beautiful. I'd be interested to know the views of people who've never read Emma.
Romola Garai was excellent in Daniel Deronda on Sunday evenings several years ago, and also, I thought, in Atonement. This, however, seems to be bringing out the worst in her. I blame the script. And the director. And everyone who ever thought what we needed most was yet another version of Emma.
Yes to all that except that I've never seen Romola Garai in anything before, so can't judge. I nearly switched off as soon as the Listen with Mother introduction started.


Dreadful, wasn't it ... I was shouting at the television. Jackanory meets Jane Austen.