callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

The Machine Stops: Poll

We've had a scheduled electricity outage here all day; shop, pub and council offices closed. Luckily, my incipient panic at the thought of a power-less day was relieved by the weather. After three days of non-stop rain, it was absolutely beautiful today so I could be out a lot. When I was in the house I was aware of an extra quietness; nothing to be heard but the ticking of the big old clock.

It brought home to me how much background noise I usually live with, even in what is a quiet place. I tend to have the radio chattering away all day long without really listening to it, but today I didn't bother. There's a sort of background hum in our lives all the time that we don't even notice; the fridge rumbling gently, machines switching on and off. I found it not as unpleasant as I'd feared but could I stand it all the time?

Silence is...

All right for a while
Tags: new home, polls

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