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October 2018



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woman's magazine

Autumn Colour

Looking out of the window: green grass, golden leaves, grey clouds scudding, rain dripping from the thatch.

cheerful yarn from Lornas Laces, arrived in the post yesterday.

More glowing colour! Howards End is on the Landing, collected from the library this morning. When I got back, a book in the letter box; one I've been looking for for ages to complete a trilogy.
Three reasons to be cheerful and Happy Birthday to my sister!


I can't wait to hear what you think of the book! And that yarn is beautiful.

Reasons indeed to be cheerful.

(edit: sorry, I am a complete donkey today and can't write a simple comment. I think it comes from staying up too late, too many times this week)

Edited at 2009-11-12 05:03 pm (UTC)
I've quite a TBR pile at the moment but I think that one will be next. Thank you, isn't it? I don't often buy top yarn and it is special.
Gorgeous yarn! Fascinated to hear what you think of the Susan Hill and how fabulous to receive the completing book - nice autumn treats to offset this weather!
Strangely, I don't mind the weather but I can choose when to go out and don't have to wait at bus stops!
No sekrit, I'm tackling some patterned socks in the latest Knitter magazine, using both yarns together. Hope there's no mistakes in the pattern! Your greens and golds sound nice.
I haven't heard of any errors, but if I do, I'll let you know.

They put Knitter errata up on the SK blog.
Highly necessary! I find the Knitter group on Ravelry excellent. I started Sedgemoore, from the new issue, posted about an error and in no time a cleverer knitter than I am had worked out the problem and the Knitter bod had clocked it, checked it and said she's put it on the errata page.
Beautiful yarn! It doesn't look like wool, is it cotton?

Curious to hear what you think of HEIOTL. I've read many great reviews but also a few very negative ones.
It's wool; in fact hand painted wool! Can't wait to use it.

I haven't seen any negative reviews and I won't look for them until I've read the book. It's very pretty.
Gorgeous yarn.

I ordered Howard's End is on the Landing (and Mrs Tim of the Regiment - have you read that?) from Amazon this week. I hope they come in time for a lazy reading weekend.
Thank you!

I've bought Mrs Tim but haven't read it yet. Also picked up another DES 50p wonder yesterday. I read a later Mrs Tim book once, think it was called Mrs Tim Comes Home. I found it rather snobbish but I'm hoping the earlier book will be better. Hope you get that lazy reading weekend after all your hard work.
Such wonderful yarn! The colors are beautiful!

The Susan Hill book is on my wishlist. I'll be interested in knowing what you think about it.
Thank you! I treated myself.

So far, so...hmmm.