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Too Much Is Not Enough*

Miss Jekyll's Boots by William Nicholson

I've just done a long put-off job and cleared out the bottom of the wardrobe. In spite of drastic pruning before I moved house I still have twenty six pairs of shoes, not counting walking boots, wellies etc. Some time ago I discovered that you can get beautiful Bruno Magli shoes, size three and a half, brand new, for next to nothing on eBay; this accounts for some of the stash. My current favourites are these cheap ones from M & S. I can only wear them indoors until it stops raining!

Worry: do I have enough shoes?
Query: is it odd that I have quite often been complimented on my shoes or boots by men I don't know? (Note how neatly I avoided saying, 'strange men'.)

*slogan of OTT shoe designer Beverly Feldman
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