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Thank you, St. Anthony

I just had a rummage in a cupboard for a cable needle I need for a knitting project and I found...

A very pretty completed piece of tapestry work which I had never bothered to turn into a cushion cover and had completely forgotten about.
An expensive Erdmann tapestry kit only just started.
Some nice unused embroidery silks.
Quantities of leftover yarn I can't remember having knitted with, but I must have done.
Quantities of good yarn bought from boot sales and charity shops.
An abandoned piece of knitting plus unused balls of a nice cotton/linen yarn which I can undo and make into something else.
A circular knitting pin.
Three stitch holders.
Three good pairs of scissors.
A crochet hook in its packet.
A set of double ended needles in packet.
A packet of knitting/sewing needles.

And a packet of three cable needles!
Tags: knitting, lost things, sewing
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