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February 2019



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'I have to write some letters first...'

Sad today to hear that Richard Todd has died, aged ninety. His most famous film role is, of course, as Guy Gibson in The Dambusters. Eric Coates' theme music was very much part of the background to my childhood. Now it makes me cry. David Frost chose the tune for Desert Island Discs, saying that whenever it was played, 'people stood up'. It's not just because they like the music, is it? I like the film very much but I always wonder, like Barnes Wallis, whether the end can possibly have been worth the sacrifice. (I've stopped wondering; I don't think it was.) It was still a very heroic operation and I challenge anyone not to have a tear in the eye at Guy Gibson's last words in the film, which you can hear in this clip.


It's the bit where he drops Nigger's lead in the waste-paper basket that gets me.
Oh, every time!
The music always makes me well up! Great to see that clip again.
Glad you liked it!
Never fails with me.

Surprisingly, no. Odd, considering how much I like Powell & Pressburger films. Just looked it up and see it was partly filmed in Dorset, another plus. And was Leslie Banks in *everything* and that time? Wish I'd known it was on.
At last I have a whole new TV set-up and can watch DVDs! I have a lot which were copied from the TV.

Went the Day Well is excellent. LB was also in Cottage to Let. Was I wrong to say he's not well known today? David Niven's in that one, as well.

I'm regretting all the films I've lost through letting my old recorder go but I expect they'll come round again.
Very glad about both!

Silly me, it was John Mills, not David Niven, wasn't it. I found it really strange to see him playing against his usual war film character. Another b/w one I like is Green for Danger.
I love b/w war films, which is strange as I don't like modern ones at all.

Richard Todd was the previous owner of a friend's house, and had all sorts of illustrious guests. The Avon lady fell off her bike when she saw John Wayne emerging from the drive one day.
Me too! We went to see Memphis Belle when it came out and it seemed all wrong to me. Hello? War films are black and white and have John Mills in them! I did think Band of Brothers was brilliant.

Heroic *and* glamorous! Wow.

Love your Christmas icon. Not very Christmassy here today :-(