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March 2019



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I can do IKEA!

No, not actually go to the shop, don't be ridiculous. I've bought a chair online and had it delivered. My cottage is so small that I couldn't find an armchair that would fit through the doorway! So I decided self-assembly was the only way to go and picked

Luckily the delivery chaps were cheerful and not in a hurry and I was very Could you possibly?... and That's so kind of you... and they wrestled it in and put it in the right place for me. I'd been dreading an allen key job but I only had to screw on the feet

and then put on the covers.

This man is doing it quite wrong. The correct method is to kneel on the floor, hold the cushion firmly between your legs and pull. Then you have this:

Somewhere to sit comfortably in a good light to read or knit. Books behind: Jane Austen, Dickens & other classics, Beverley Nichols. Books to the left: Georgette Heyer, Angela Thirkell and Dornford Yates. Because I knew you'd ask.


But think how dodgy the diagram would have looked if they'd shown him doing it right.

Well done!

Thank you!
that is a very pretty chair - what is the name of it? I am so glad they deliver nowadays.
Ooh, lovely icon! Has Bulmer's really been around that long?
thank you, it's from an old advert on display at the local Cider Museum :)

and yes, they've been around since Victorian times I think!
Thank you! It's Ektorp Jennylund and matches the dresser. I wanted something small, traditional and cottagey.

The service was excellent although there was a long wait for the goods. Annoyingly, there's a matching head roll cushion thing for this which they won't deliver.


new chair

What a smart new chair! Really nice. Multiyork also make sofas that can be taken apart so that even large ones will go through narrow passages, around bends in stairs, etc. We ordered a large sofa bed and it came in separate pieces so that it could be put upstairs in what has become a bed sitting room in our dormer house.
Margaret P

Re: new chair

That's useful to know, thank you!
Thank you. Believe me, If I'd found a forties junky one, I'd have had it! I'd really have loved an old leather club chair but I'd never have fitted one in.
Thank you, I hope to!


That looks really good. Is it comfortable? Glad you only had to screw in the legs.

Re: Chair

It's very firm! I'll have to break it in. I'm rather cack-handed, as my mother used to say, so I was pleased I could manage.