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2009 in first lines: meme

This comes via Letters from a Hill Farm and others. You take the first line of the first post in each month and reproduce it. Mine is painfully predictable and gives no idea of the domestic upheavals which have taken place here during the year.

January 1st: The door to the sitting room in the cottage swings shut all by itself in a rather spooky manner. I bought a knitted dog doorstop.

February 2nd: The back of the cottage this morning with the house next door and the little snowy heap that was my car cropped out. Photo of snowy cottage. That was the day the builders moved in.

March 1st: A lovely, mild gardening day yesterday and here's the first tree blossom of spring. Photo of cherry blossom.

April 2nd: Getting this in the post today has gee-ed me up to finish the other things I'm making. Some yarn had arrived in the post. What's more, I've used it all!

May 1st: Someone kindly lent me The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley and I fairly galloped through it; could hardly put it down. My list of books read in April.

June 3rd: I was going to post today about Mary Portas and her doomed attempt to turn around a failing charity shop. Instead, I wrote about books to read during a heat wave. See, we did have some good weather.

July 2nd: Yesterday, I took my visitor to see my favourite garden, at Cranborne Manor. It was the hottest day of the year.

August 3rd: Obsession is a popular theme for fiction: one thinks of Before She Met Me by Julian Barnes or Ian McEwan’s Enduring Love. Start of a book review.

September 1st: I always feel sorry for people who say they ‘can’t read’ anything by Jane Austen, Dickens, To Kill a Mockingbird or whatever because the books were ruined for them by exam study. Start of a post linking to a list of world-wide required reading.

October 1st: This month has been heavy on crime and thrillers. Post on books read in September.

November 1st: First, many thanks for all the get well messages, which were much appreciated; sorry if I haven’t always replied. Oh dear! Led to yet another book list.

December 1st: A much shorter list this month; a good thing, due to not being flaked out on the sofa, ill. November's books.
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