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The retrospective book meme again

I see I did this meme from Stuck in a Book two years ago and here it is again.

How many books read in 2009? 168
Fiction/Non-Fiction ratio? Only 10 non-fiction
Male/Female authors? 26 by men
Favourite book read? Emma, but I’d choose that every year so: The Day of Small Things, O Douglas, re-read
Least favourite? Several I couldn’t get through but Mrs P’s Journey, Sarah Hartley, was one of the worst.
Oldest book read? Emma
Newest book read? Howards End is on the Landing
Longest book title? Singled Out. How two million women survived without men after the first world war
Shortest book title? Emma
How many re-reads? 42
Books in translation 3
Most books read by one author this year? M C Beaton
How many books were borrowed from the library? 40 This is a huge improvement!
Name a book you've read this year which was recommended by a blogger? Pat McIntosh’s Gil Cunningham series, recommended by Geraniumcat, thank you!
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