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October 2018



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The Vintage Knitter

Issue 14 of The Knitter magazine arrived yesterday. Pretty useless to me; the patterns are nearly all for men and they're all horrible anyway. A pretty boy modelling 'Hawke' but I can't think of a teenager who would wear it and as for 'Cartmel', it looks so uncomfortably bunchy under the arms I wouldn't make it for anyone. Then I saw this

and thought, 'Hulloah! Seventies-tastic?' Sure enough, this is a 'revived' Aran pattern from Patons. Now guess what I found in my pattern stash?



I remember you making that jumper! You can still get Patons aran (hence the plug in the mag) so there's no reason not to use these old patterns, if you like them. I got rid of a lot before I moved and regret it now because they don't take up that much room. I still pick them up at car boot sales and charity shops.

Thanks for the link to the blog. I see what you mean; love that spiralling sweater.
I enjoy doing cables and I'm currently working on the 'Sedgemoor' top from The Knitter 12.


That woman in the bottom picture has fabulous hair!

I have a 1970's handicraft book with some superb knitting patterns in it, crochet too. There is a pair of knitted children's dungarees which just boggle the mind!

I'm tempted by that weekly crochet magazine they're advertising on the telly at the moment, in order for me to crochet the seventies waistcoat in my book. I have tried so many books and on-line tutorials to crochet to no avail. I am ever hopeful!
Those models always looked as though they were wearing wigs; probably were!

Look out for Golden Hands magazines for the true seventies experience.

I noticed that crochet mag in W H Smith's yesterday but didn't really look at it. I learned to knit when I was a child and to crochet when I was grown up. I found it so hard trying to teach myself I even went to classes and I'm still not vety good. I find shaping is the tricky part but if you use squares (for the waistcoat, frex) that wouldn't be a problem.

Edited at 2010-01-01 10:33 am (UTC)
Oops, that was me!
Ah, is it their men's issue? I quite liked the Celtic scarf, although i'd leave the runes off.

I fail to see why anyone would revive seventies' patterns. I was there. I don't want them back!
Yes, and I noticed in the newsagent's that the current Yarn Forward is also a men's issue. I quite liked Horatio.

Those cardis do look straight out of seventies sitcoms.