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October 2018



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Oh, read what you like!

Another emailed list from AbeBooks, this time of reasons for not reading a book. I'm always surprised when one of the reasons given is, 'it's long' but then, I personally love Dickens and reading him is no hardship. Have a look at the list of twenty five books people have in the TBR pile but don't actually read. I've read five of them, started and failed to finish a sixth and feel no guilt at all about not having read the rest. Never even heard of some of them and so wot?

A striking illustration of a good example: another book purge. More to go, especially as a person might be stuck indoors for a fortnight with time to tidy up.

That fiendish normblog quiz: update. The answers are here. I got 40/50 and I'm absolutely kicking myself except over a couple of authors I'd never heard of. Anyone else going to own up?


I own and have read The Unbearable Lightness, I own Don Quixote, but have not read it yet, and I can see myself reading Cloud Atlas, Life of Pi and some of the classics mentioned, but the other books do not interest me. Non-fiction will always be very low on my priorities list, unless it is literary, like diaries and letters.

I only got 19/50. #6 was clever!
Cloud Atlas was the one I started and couldn't finish. Don't let that put you off; my daughter loved it and I liked Black Swan Green.

#6 Curses! Dashed clever! And obvious once you've thought of it.


I've no shame whatsoever about books I haven't read or don't want to read. Doesn't it just amaze you that people put such energy into this stuff.
It was quite amusingly done.
You'd have to pay me to read a book by Al Gore.
LOL! The fact that a book is long is usually an endorsement for me.
Me too! I like to live inside it for a while.
I LOLed at reason 7. 3 gets me a lot, too.

Of their list, I have read three and thought they were all fantastic but have no desire to read any of the others (except the two Robert Heinleins, maybe).

Edited at 2010-01-07 09:34 am (UTC)
#7. I thought of you! Right up your street.