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October 2018



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Cold Weather Knits

I have a cable project on the go, looks like this

but with temperatures below freezing every day I need a hat more than I need a new waistcoat. So I've started a simple beanie shape using this yarn:

When the Aran is finished, I'll start some complicated socks. Meanwhile, I always like to have an easy, portable pair on the needles; it's a security thing, like carrying a book around with you. The next pair will use this self-patterning yarn.

It makes sense; I'm usually reading two or three books at the same time.


The beanie yarn is Rico, about half the price of Noro. It's very soft. I'm only on the border so can't see yet what it will look like.
Love the acorn!
You're making Kirstie's cable beanie, aren't you? It's a really nice hat, although she did say the Colinette Art she used wasn't as warm as she expected.
I'll let you know how warm the Rico is. It's a looser knit than I expected.
They are all lovely.
New yarn is a treat!
Oooh, these are gorgeous. I love your cabling! I am doing my very first cable project, courtesy of land_girl, who taught me how to cable. I am enjoying it immensely and wondering why I didn't learn years ago.

Edited at 2010-01-07 06:37 pm (UTC)
Good for you! I find it fun to do.
I am absolutely in awe of anybody who can knit and read at the same time!

And I am in awe of your knitting. That cabling looks magnificent.
Oh, if only I could!

My cabling is nothing to write home about; I had to undo an evening's work this week. It wasn't the cabling that was the problem but counting rows!
Love all the gorgeous projects! Roads round here are treacherous. Are they gritting by you at all?
Thank you!

I haven't actually seen a gritter. This road usually has traffic on it but is very quiet; I expect a lot of council workers can't get in. We had no rubbish collection yesterday although the road seemed clear. Perhaps they've diverted the dustmen to road clearing duties? The problem is, whichever direction I go in, there's a hill. It was just the same where I lived before. Have you been able to get to work?
Yes have been able to make it in by car (bus is diverted away from Canford Cliffs village because of the hills I presume). Nasty journeys though. Am delighted to be in for the weekend!