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When did England last win at football?

Hurrah, England have beaten Pakistan. Here's some interesting facts about English cricket.

England can win matches without Freddie Flintoff.

You don't have to be exciting to be good. Andrew Strauss seems like a very dull man but he has won a series as captain without losing his batting form.

A Sikh spin bowler seems to be the most popular man on the team. Monty Panesar took six wickets and is very modest about it. A couple of days ago he was interviewed on Channel 5's cricket programme and Mark Nicholas mentioned that he'd taken more wickets in the match than any other spin bowler at Headingley for twenty one years. "I didn't know that, actually", said Monty. What? In a statistics-obsessed game like cricket most bowlers know all the stats, all the records and just how close they personally are to beating them. On Radio 2's Pause for Thought this morning, Indarjit Singh devoted his two minutes to Monty as a role model for young Sikhs. Dr Singh praised him for staying true to his origins while representing the best British values. Hear hear, but let's not forget the influence of his cheerful chops.

That Mahmood is very good looking.

Chris Read is a better wicket keeper than Geraint Jones.

Oh, how I miss the Channel 4 coverage, which I thought was excellent. Kind though it is of the BBC to give us ball by ball coverage on the wireless, I do weary of TMS. Henry Blofeld is really past his sell-by date. He's like something out of ITMA, coming on with his catchphrase 'My dear old thing.' Worse, while he's wittering on about a pigeon overhead, a red bus passing by or a delicious chocolate cake sent in by Mrs Vera Trellis, another commentator has to hurriedly interrupt with, "He's bowled him!". What? How? You couldn't miss it on television. Grump.
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