callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

The Diary of a Nobody

Yesterday I watched the 2007 TV series of The Diary of a Nobody. This is a brilliant one-man performance by Hugh Bonneville, one of the best interpretations I know. The interiors are a delight and watch out for the Pooters' yellow breakfast set: I have a part tea set in the very same pattern!

Or similar.

My copy was recorded off the TV but if you live in the UK you have to wait until March this year to get a DVD. Why such a well-kept secret? Americans can buy it on right now.
My reading and TV watching are linked at the moment. Watching the David Jason version made me re-read The Darling Buds of May; I re-read The Diary of a Nobody last month; the other evening I watched I Capture the Castle and now have a strong urge to read that again.

Note that everything I'm watching is a recording. This is because, just when the weather is at its worst and TV and knitting call, there is NOTHING ON in real time. Another treat has been to start watching my Christmas DVD: the complete series of Outnumbered. Utterly brilliant! And at one point the Hugh Dennis character is channel hopping (with rude remarks) and complains, '47 channels!' and he still can't find anything to watch. Back to the DVD then.
Tags: diary of a nobody, tv

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