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Sorry, Chris

Typical of the BBC that they deemed a new breakfast show on Radio 2 to be worth about five minutes of television news time plus endless trailers. And the hot issue of the weekend? What would be the first record played by Chris when the prog started up at 7 a.m. (It was All You Need Is Love by The Beatles.)

My bedroom radio is tuned to Radio 4 and as it’s the old fashioned type I can never be bothered fiddling about retuning it. So I wake up to the Today programme and tire of it very quickly. With the day underway I’ve been happy to have Terry Wogan burbling away in the background, partly because he and his listeners had a good laugh at all the ludicrous non-news stories which made me switch off Today. Now there’s Chris and his phone-ins. I don’t deny he’s a good broadcaster but he’s so shouty. I feel a switch to Classic FM coming on.
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