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Others say he could SING like NEIL SEDAKA

Yesterday evening I watched That’s When the Music Takes Me on BBC 4. I knew nothing at all about Neil Sedaka’s life but found I know every word and note of Oh! Carol, Calendar Girl, Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen and Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. When British groups invaded the States his career seemed over but the songs kept coming. In my ignorance I hadn’t known he wrote Laughter In The Rain, The Immigrant, Amarillo or Solitaire. I may not like them but I have to admit they’re good songs.

They used to call Alma Cogan ‘the girl with the laugh in her voice’. Neil Sedaka is the man with the smile in his voice; he sings smiley, talks smiley, acts smiley. Now he’s seventy years old, still in good voice, still smiling and loving the love he gets from audiences. Apparently, he’s even more popular here in the UK than he is back home. Goodness, he’s cheesy but I’ll always love the pure pop of those early, pre-Beatles numbers. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do was recorded in 1962 and is shown here from an American TV show of 1966.

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