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January 2019



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life on mars

Goodbye Richard & Judy, Hello Gok & Laila

The Richard and Judy effect on book sales has been a phenomenon of recent years. Now here’s a new book chat show, The TV Book Club on More 4 (what a hideous web site!)
This evening’s programme kicks off with The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. Titles to follow are:
Blacklands, Belinda Bauer
Sacred Hearts, Sarah Dunant
Juliet, Naked, Nick Hornby
Cutting for Stone, Abraham Verghese
The Rapture, Liz Jensen
Brixton Beach, Roma Tearne
The Way Home, George Pelecanos
Wedlock, Wendy Moore
The Silver Linings Play Book, Matthew Quick

Presenters will be Nathaniel Parker, Dave Spikey (who he?), Gok Wan, Jo Brand and Laila Roass. These people are described as 'celebrity reviewers', which would be worrying if you didn't know that Jo Brand is very intelligent. Laila was asked what her favourite books were. She opted for To Kill a Mockingbird because her English teacher liked it and for The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. Help! That was Elvis's favourite book! Here’s a little poll.

Had you heard of Laila Rouass before she was on Strictly?

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Hadn't heard of her and found her quite irritating!
She was lucky to get to waltz with Anton.
I have never heard of Laila Rouass (don't watch Strictly, so have no idea who anyone on it might be).
It was my first ever season and I became addicted. The only 'celebrity' I'd previously heard of was Phil Tuffnell.
I knew all the sports people and Lynda Bellingham and Natalie Cassidy. But I'd never heard of Laila and judging by what I saw of her, I didn't feel I'd been missing much. Though, to be fair, I may be somewhat biassed because I loathe Anton so much that I am always struggling not to switch off my TV when he is on the screen.
I know you can't stand Anton! I have a weakness for him as such an obvious south London boy.
You left out the option for 'still haven't'.
Yes, that would have been my answer as well (don't watch Strictly). :)
Three of you so far; definitely my mistake.


Couldn't have told you her name but thought I recognised her face from Footballers' Wives ages ago ... but I don't watch watch Strictly Come Iceskating Factor In the Jungle or any of those reality shows.
To be fair to the girl, she didn't get a word in ...
Perhaps you could do another poll. Does anybody out there care what Gok Wan reads? And could you conceive of a book programme worse than this one? I almost felt sorry for Jo Brand. She looked embarrassed to be on it.
I watched the first half thinking how dreadful it was then someone phoned and I missed the rest. I won't bother again!

Gok Wan poll, ha ha! I don't think people even care enough to respond.
I believe Dave Spikey is a comedian.
Thank you. I'd never have guessed.