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February 2019



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Nice Work

Not the book, but researching and making vintage knits for films. It must be quite an industry these days. There's some lovely examples in the TV film of Ballet Shoes.

Here's Posy in a cute and complicated sleeveless top:

Petrova's less attractive slipover:

Posy in pink in spite of her hair:

Pink for Pauline as well:

Don't you love the collar on Sylvia's jumper?

There's more excellent knitting to be seen in the film of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Any more examples?


I always notice them too.I didn't especially enjoy the film but I did enjoy the vintage knits in The Edge of Love (http://movieknits.blogspot.com/2009/11/edge-of-love.html)
What a lovely site! Thanks for the link, I've bookmarked it. Cary Grant knitting!
The most recent adaptation of My Family and Other Animals had Gerry in a sweater that was supposed to look as though it was made from odds and ends, but was quite clearly Noro!
I haven't seen that version, must watch out for it.
I was totally fascinated by the construction of the White Queen's garments in TLTWTW. I think they used a kind of wet felting technique and literally moulded them to fit Tilda Swinton's body. I have no idea how she got in and out of them though!
Sorry. White Witch, not White Queen.
And those hair extensions! I preferred the old TV version, I think.
A new career beckons! I like old patterns because I like the texture of knitting with small needles and three or four ply yarn.
I do too. I like the ability to get detail into my knitting - 4ply is my favourite weight.


on complicated

it is not complicated, it is stockinette and then just cross embroidered :-), enjoy!

Re: on complicated

If you say so :-)