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January 2019



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The Children’s Day: Sunday Radio

Why the head banging? It’s due yet again to the complete and utter uselessness of the BBC Radio web site! I knew that this Sunday, 31st January, there was to be a reading at 7.45 on Radio 4 of Jennings' Little Hut. Now, how hard would it be to ensure that typing ‘Jennings’ into the ‘Explore the BBC’ box would bring up any relevant programmes? No such luck! What you get is ‘Garth Jennings, director of Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy’ and pages of other irrelevant information. I Googled ‘Jennings BBC Radio’ and the programme came up, first hit here. Why Google rules the earth. I know I’m always going on about this but I’ll continue to do so because it’s so frustrating and it’s my money that pays for the rubbish site. Anyway, heads up for Jennings.

Switch from Radio 4 to Radio 7 at 8 o’clock to hear a reading from Alison Uttley’s A Traveller in Time. For those who don’t know it, this is a time slip story where the action takes place in the same house but split between the twentieth and the sixteenth centuries. It’s rather sad. There’s a very brief synopsis here.


Jennings' Little Hut was my absolute favourite Jennings book. I will now have to go and read it again.
I'm sure you'll love it as much as ever!
Hurrah for the Jennings books!


More than 40 years since I read Traveller in Time ... but wasn't there a marchpane house? that must have made a huge impression on me because I remember it fondly. Always love food in books.
And of course also remember those Bunty dressing-up dolls from yesterday, which were always too flimsy to be much good. She had some very weird outfits some weeks, didn't she!
'A Traveler in Time' sounds wonderful. I'll be looking out for a copy.
It's a lovely book!


I listened to Jennings this evening while trying to hang a pair of curtains! Thoroughly enjoyed it although wished it was longer. Nicola@vintagereads
Just what you needed, obviously!
i love Jennings, too late for the reading unfortunately by several years. a Traveller in Time is a great favourite too, first read it when I was ten, have reread it numerous times since.