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March 2019



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Radio 2 must do more to appeal to older listeners, says BBC Trust | Media | guardian.co.uk

Radio 2 must do more to appeal to older listeners, says BBC Trust | Media | guardian.co.uk

Straight from the Grauniad via 'post to Live Journal'! Never say I don't keep up.
Fact I didn't know: Radio 2's remit is to appeal to an audience of people over thirty five. Heh. The Trust's report says that the average listening age, currently fifty, must not be allowed to drop. Particular effort must be made to regain the lost audience of people over seventy five.

Other recommendations included urging Radio 2 to put more public service content including "social action" campaigns in its daytime output
Good grief, the last thing I want from R2. Haven't they noticed everyone switching off You and Yours? And The Jeremy Vine Show is *dire* as a means of discussing topical issues. Half the time the man has no idea what he's talking about.

while comedy programming should be "refreshed" and "better differentiated" from comedy on BBC Radio 4.
Since comedy on R4 is currently dire, this is a Good Thing.

Hang on, I know what the over seventy-fives need: The Light Programme.

Need I point out that although I heard this story on the radio news, it was impossible to find anything about it on the BBC news web site?


general contact

I wanted to send you a direct message, Barbara, but I suppose I have to sign in to Live Journal. Anyway, your comment was fine by me.

Re: general contact

Thanks, Susie. I deleted the comment because I decided it wasn't in the spirit of your nice post. I thought people could send messages via the profile page but I've just checked and it does look like LJ users only.
You can join LJ for free, never post and just use it for comments. If you 'friend' someone, you then have access.
Don't they know older people are irrelevant? ;)

(I'm still arguing for an older model in the mag. Not getting anywhere. Apparently older people will make things they see on younger models because it's 'aspirational' whereas no-one will make things they see on older models. I'd love to know how people worked this out, given that no-one appears to be showing things on older models...)

I agree about Radio 4 comedy, though, it is dire. I'd rather listen to Thought For the Day for half an hour than Count Arthur Strong.
I can't follow their reasoning! I've noticed that older models have disappeared from the Boden catalogue, which used to use them. When it comes to radio, there are stations for all musical tastes; for black, brown and yellow people and for the nutters who call radio phone-ins. What do the older people get? Desmond Carrington.

I so agree; I loathe Count Arthur Strong! I've even gone off programmes I used to enjoy, like The News Quiz. So smug!