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March 2019



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These boots were made for gardening: my Hunter wellies

I see that skirmishofwit and other people who always know what’s hot are buying brightly coloured Hunter boots. A quick trawl around the blogs (via Google Blog Search) shows that even the writers of dedicated shoe blogs are at it. I was rather taken with fashionistacat! Call me old fashioned (you will) but I don’t think wellies are comfortable walking gear; give me leather every time. For gardening, though, they can’t be beat and here’s a post I wrote on the subject nearly three years ago. The boots were already old then (note authentic mud) and are still going strong. Anyone who feels like posting a photo of their boots may regard this as a meme.


I so agree Barbara! Though you wouldn't get me gardening anyway however good the footwear :) M's do look very springlike though. If only weather would match!

Her boots are shiny shiny!


Loved your post! Am very pleased with my wellies - have now got stripey Hunter socks to go with them. Am impressed by your authentic mud though ;) Miranda
I love purple! Matching socks, wow.


Mine have mud, and um, other brownish material, since they are the barn boots/pasture boots as well as gardening boots. I'm with you on the walking though. I have one leg shorter than the other due to a car accident when I was fifteen. Now that I am so old :<) my knees are bad, and I need better support than Wellies offer for walking. But how I love to see pictures of people walking in England in their boots.
Sorry I can't photograph myself walking about!
I wish I could post a photo of mine (green) - I can't remember where they are and I haven't had them all winter! Aargh!
Mine are permanently by the kitchen door. We have a high water table here (although we're on a hill) and I need them even to put out the bin bag. But today, for half an hour, I wore them for gardening! Cutting back dead stuff so I can see the snowdrops.
Go for it!
Hello. Would you mind if I friended you? I've seen you commenting on various good friends' journals, and we seem to have some interests in common. I'll add you, but please don't feel obliged to add me back...
I'd be delighted!