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March 2019



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Thinking Day

Greetings to all Girl Guides and Girl Scouts past and present! 100 years of Girl Guiding this year; they must be doing something right.
The photo is a newspaper clipping showing me as the youngest Brownie in the pack with our mascot doll, nearly as big. I don't expect today's Brownies dance around a giant toadstool singing,

'We're the ever helpful Imps,
Quick and quiet as any shrimps.'

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How lovely! You were very pretty.
Ha ha ha! I certainly had chubby knees in those days.
You can't have been very big, but the doll - for a doll - must have been huge! And is she called Constance? (if so, what good taste, as that's my mother's name!).
The doll was called Constance! And she was enormous. I wonder what happened to her?
Oh wow! That's a lovely picture. I was a Kelpie, but I'm not sure I have any photographs.
Goodness, Kelpies sound exotic! We had Gnomes (who helped their mothers in their homes), Sprites and another I can't remember.
Was it Elves, helping others not themselves?
Y'know, I think it was and the Sprites were a figment of my imagination. I've been told off for forgetting the Pixies. Did they help people out of fixes, perchance? These days I can only think of Pixy Frou-frou.
Our pack has a giant toadstool. We had a nice Thinking Day service at church yesterday with lots of stories from the older leaders. That is a lovely photo.
Oh, I'm so glad to know that! I can't think what ours was made of but it was spotted.
Glad you like the ancient pic.
Oh, a good trun is lovely! But YFM was unkind to laugh.
aw, very sweet! I was a Pixie. Somewhere I have a newspaper clipping of me with my Brownie Pack too.
More shame on me for forgetting the Pixies! Brownies are photogenic; they're often in our free magazine.


Oh what memories! I loved Brownies and refused to 'fly up' to Guides. In fact I left it alone for years till I became a Brown Owl, which was fun. And now my elder granddaughter is a Sixer and the younger one is starting Rainbows. I love the continuity of it all.

Nicky Slade
I flew up with my Brownie Wings and how silly I felt!

I love the continuity of it all.