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It's rather dismal to have autumnal weather without the mists and mellow fruitfulness. I love autumn, but when it comes. In spite of the constant gloomy cloud cover and the chilly breeze, nary a drop of rain do we get here. Most of the garden is quite shrivelled up and looks awful. The grass, what there is of it, is covered in leaves and windfall apples, or fallers as they call them here. Here's a few autumnal-type pics.

This is a native plant, known as Tutsan. Actually it's a hypericum. The interest of it is that you get yellow flowers, red berries and black berries all on the bush at the same time. It's the most awful weed; seeds anywhere.

Another weed is Golden Rod (below) which seeded itself into the garden from somewhere else.

The wild arum is now fruiting, ready to seed everywhere. I've seen birds after the berries: perhaps they help to spread the seeds around.

Thank goodness for annuals. Here's some cheerful Rudbeckias.


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