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October 2018



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Nature Notes

Very frosty this morning. When I drew the curtains, there were two young deer in the garden. Each gave me a bored look, then did one of their incredible standing jumps over a six foot bank and hedge with wire above it.

The sheep are back but sadly not in 'my' field but in the next one over. Even at a distance they looked rather wonderful in the mist and frost. The picture is very similar to a print I have by the same artist, Richard Wade.


Lovely! I would be quite startled if I opened the curtains to two deer though and might well imitate their leap :)
I'd love to see it!
I like that picture very much!
Oh good! The one I have is called Shady Sheep and I've had it for at least twenty years. No one else likes it!
It reminds me of a James Ravilious photograph!
That must have bee a surprise!
Lovely picture, so peaceful. I think I may have to buy some of the artist's cards!
I'm not so keen on the motor cars but I like the country scenes.
Mmm, yes, the cars don't do anything for me, but the country scenes are very nice, and I like the dogs and agas (or do they count as country themes? anyway, my mother will be much amused by them).
The picture is lovely. Thank you for sharing it.

We have a pregnant doe spending a lot of time by our creek. We're hoping that all goes well with her and her little one to be, and that we'll be able to see mama and baby together soon.
Thank you!
Hope all goes well with the baby deer.