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Garden Notes: Wallflowers

I love wallflowers. Not the horrid, dumpy Siberian kind but the tall, almost shrubby types with flowers in tawny shades and a glorious scent. Beware those field-grown wallflowers with muddy roots which you sometimes see for sale in the autumn. They’re almost always dwarf bedding varieties. Wallflowers are biennials and it’s very convenient for the gardener that just as they are in flower it’s time to start thinking about sowing for next year. It’s well worth the effort. You start with this

and get this.

I was determined to have wallflowers this year. My new garden has no vegetable patch or handily spare patches of soil so last spring I simply sowed the seeds in a very deep seed tray, let them grow and planted them out, right against the house wall, in September. This has worked very well. My favourite of all wallflowers is the variety ‘Blood Red’.

Annoyingly, although I’ve already bought my seeds of ‘Fire King’, ‘Blood Red’ can’t be had anywhere. Looking in my seed box I found that I hadn’t used all the seeds in last year’s packet.

I’ll give them a go and hope they’re still viable. The classic plant combination is of course wallflowers with tulips and forget-me-nots but I’m quite happy with my stand-alone wallflowers.
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