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October 2018



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Later Than You Think

I see I wrote last year about my favourite Lily of the Valley, also Solomon’s Seal.

Both are flowering later this year. Still, I see apple blossom from one bedroom window and cherry blossom from the other. Honeysuckle is again trying to invade the bedroom and will have to be chopped before it gets into the thatch. The first rose is open. No frost this morning and it's quite warm out. Could this be spring/early summer at last?


There was a Solomon's Seal in our old garden. I must see if I can get hold of one for here, they are so pretty. It's meant to be very warm by the end of the week; here's hoping!
The Solomon's Seal here is growing right in a hazel hedge. I'm wondering if that's what keeps the sawfly grubs away.
These are both plants I remember growing in our childhood garden and I like the continuity of it.
It's warm today but no sun. I'll be able to garden but it would be nice to just sit so yes, let's hope.
Lovely! We are having an odd spring, too. Rain is forecast again for today, although I'm glad because we have been in a drought situation for some years now, with water rationing beginning last year.
I hate to say it, just as the weather is improving, but we could do with some rain! The problem has been the extreme cold for the time of year. Chelsea Flower Show next week and the growers are busy with hairdryers.
It certainly spreads, doesn't it? I've got what is virtually a bed of it, so plenty to spare.
Anyone who's got some Lily of the Valley could easily spare you some!