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October 2018



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life on mars

Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes: Best TV series ever?

I can’t get the last episode of Ashes to Ashes out of my head. I didn’t engage in any speculation before because I like to be surprised. Now I realise that every single incident in the (four) series is significant, I want to watch the whole lot again to pick up on them.

A while ago I wrote about PC George Dixon. I thought ending the series with a Dixon clip was brilliant but it was only when talking to someone yesterday about the programme that it occurred to me just how brilliant. Because George Dixon is a dead copper. He dies in the film The Blue Lamp and is then resurrected in order to work on the same beat forever (well, for twenty years). Little did we guess!


I keep thinking about it too.. so moving, especially when we found out Ray's story. I was nervous the ending would be fudged, but it was pulled together beautifully. And they ended with Heroes *sob*. I want to watch the series all over again too!
Those videos were so heart breaking!
Oh yes, weren't they just? Poor Shaz, 'but I'm only 26!' Not a dry eye here...
The appearance of George Dixon at the end was a wonderfully artful way of rounding off what has been one of the most imaginative and unforgettable TV series ever made.

have added you btw; there aren't that many of us about whose fandom also includes molesworth and TMS
Sheer brilliance, especially when there's nothing else on.

I'll respond!
I loved it - thank you, YouTube - and shed more than a few tears at the end. Very powerful stuff.
So much in it, and you didn't know who to feel sorriest for.
I had no idea who Dixon was, so I didn't understand his significance at first, but when I found out I thought this ending to the series was a very nice touch.

Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes: Best TV series ever?

I don't know about *best ever* (I'll reserve my judgement until I've watched the whole series again), but it was definitely great. All I can say for now is that LoM certainly is my *favourite* series ever.

I am so glad that you loved the finale, and that watching series 3 was all worth it in the end!
Yes, I think you needed to know who Dixon was.

I had my doubts during the last series but am now totally converted. Apart from the terrible clothes they made Alex wear.


I've been waking up in the night thinking about them too! It was so moving and so satisfying, though I hoped right up to the last minute that the doors would burst open and back they would all come, to stay.
I'd worked out who the young policeman was, but not the premise behind the whole story, and I thought that was a great idea. Just watching Life on Mars again and interesting to see how clearly the producers meant John Simm to be the star. They obviously hadn't bargained for the already considerable army of Philip Glenister fans out there! (And Bolly said it for them all: 'You make us feel safe,Guv,' which - I'm convinced - is why Gene Hunt appeals to so many women.)

What's astonished me is the attention to details which turn out to be clues; the young policeman's photo being kept in that old Coronation tin, for instance.

Before LOM I didn't know who Philip Glenister was! I really must get started on my re-watch and I'm sure I'll notice a whole lot more this time. Besides, I need a fix of Gene! I'll also be looking out for any hints that Keats is at work.
Hee, I had already seen Philip Glenister in a number of things. He played a lot of coppers when he was younger. His pretty eyes made me notice him. :-)

To me, John Simm was the real revelation. I knew his name and what he looked like, but had never seen him in anything. I came away from LoM with the firm resolve to track down and watch everything he has ever played in (at least, anything I can get my hands on — I expect theatre is going to be a bit difficult).
I recommend State of Play, which also starred Bill Nighy.