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January 2019



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At the Market

I went to the library last week and came away without a single book. This morning I went to the market and brought these home with me.

The L M Montgomerys are in lovely condition, much better than the ones I already had. Gale Warning is a first edition in a near-perfect dustwrapper. And this copy of South Riding is so pretty.

It may have 'cheap edition' written all over it but the dustwrapper is identical to the first edition one and like most of the other books, it's in very nice condition.

Slightly disappointed not to get any plants but made up for it with the fruit and veg. Bargainous day!


Ooh, lovely! I've got that same edition of South Riding, it's very pretty.

I had a good morning too, no books for me, but a nice if select haul to sell, 500g of alpaca yarn for £5, and - best of all - a lovely little spinning wheel in beautiful condition for £15! I'm very pleased with myself :)
Spinning wheel! Coo, well done. I had a nice chat with a woman there who had lots of old knitting and sewing patterns, sewing machines etc. She said she 'hadn't got the spinning wheel out yet' but I wouldn't have bought it, anyway! She also had one of those toy (but workable) looms you bought.
Those toy looms go for reasonable sums on ebay - the size 4 that I bought goes for about £40 on a good day, might be worth a go if you see it again.
Rats! I had no idea. Thanks for the tip!
Nice haul - wish I lived near a market like yours. My grandparents had that edition of Joy Street - I always meant to read it one day, but it mysteriously disappeared before I ever did.
I very often come home with nothing at all; that's the way it goes.
I've never read any Frances Parkinson Keyes (I used to think it was Francis, a man) but a friend was reminiscing about her books recently so I thought I'd give it a go.
What a nice idea!
What a brilliant haul!

I went bookshop mooching this morning, but didn't find anything. Probably just as well, really.
Thank you! I find it's either nothing at all or you're staggering off with bagsfull. The good stuff today came from people who do house clearance.
Bad luck with the bookshops.
I find that with the bookshops, too!

I have three market book stalls and two or three shops that I visit weekly, so, even though today was a washout, I'm generally accumulating books at a faster rate than I can possibly read them...
Looks like a wonderful lot of finds! Can't wait to see them!
I think you'll love the Dornford Yates!
What a good batch of finds! I only found two at a historical society sale, but one of them is a very nice Virago edition of Molly Keane's 'Loving Without Tears', so I'm happy with the day.
Hee, yes. Like me, you find because you keep looking.
And the adrenalin flowing.