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February 2019



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life on mars

Alan Plater RIP

Sorry to hear that Alan Plater has died. He wrote so many brilliant TV scripts: just look at the list. I even remember Close the Coalhouse Door from way back. Hard to pick a favourite but it might be the funny, eccentric, confusing and of course *starring James Bolam*, The Beiderbecke Affair. Here’s a sample.

Edit: The IMDb link won't work at the moment, although it was fine just now. Just a glitch, I hope.



Very sad. Though all of his work hasn't come over here, I've seen a fair bit, and so enjoyed it. And you know how I love Beiderbecke!
It's good to reflect on his achievements and be grateful.


Alan Plater

I loved the Beiderbecke Affair, one of the best series on TV: I wish they would repeat it. Perhaps afte the sad death of Alan Plater they will take another look at his work.

Re: Alan Plater

The DVD of TBA is not too expensive. I agree it would be good to see some of his work again. Knowing the BBC, they've probably wiped the early stuff!
I'm glad you marked the occasion - I wanted to do so but couldn't get myself organised. Close the Coalhouse Door made a huge impression on me, I may even still have a copy of the script at the bottom of a box somewhere. He was a wonderful writer.
I can still sing the first line of the song!
Why don't script writers get the acknowledgement that novelists do? As you say, he was a wonderful writer.