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In which I become a museum piece

I'm getting used to seeing items in museums which I still have and use at home. Now I find my early life is 'history' and children are given worksheets about it. As part of the Girl Guiding Centenary celebrations, our local museum has put on a small exhibition of Guiding in Dorset. This is the kind of uniform I wore. Where's the lanyard?

Here's what the pre-war Guide wore.

Of course she (and we) needed semaphore flags.

I still have this Brownie memorabilia. I'd completely forgotten about Brownie pennants until I saw one in a showcase.

By far the most charming part of the exhibition is a camping diorama. It was almost impossible to photograph all the dear little figures and the details but here's some anyway, with apologies for the quality.

Quartermaster's tent and meat safe.

Tripod. I think I could still make one.

Wooding patrol.

Boots on sticks.

Practising knots.

It's all a far cry from today's Guiding.

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