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Book Depository Offer: Any Takers?

Received today from The Book Depository.

'If you're happy with the service you get from us at The Book Depository, why not spread the love and recommend us to your friends? (We thought about giving out cake but there are rather a lot of you).

You can enter the email addresses of up to ten friends and we will send our love (in the form of a 10% off voucher) to each of them. If your friends use their voucher then you'll get a 10% off voucher too - one for each person that makes a purchase.

Don't worry, once we have sent your friends their vouchers, the email addresses will be discarded. We won't contact them again unless they desire it.'

Happy to do this for anyone who wants it. If I don't know your email address, send me a message. It doesn't say whether or not this offer applies to existing customers.
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