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March 2019



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Rose Blight

Can anyone help with Blogger?

If I want to comment on someone's Typepad blog, no problem. Up comes a box with all my details and off I go.
Blogger has always been more difficult. What I've done inthe past is select open ID, then Live Journal and the URL of my blog. No problem. Until now, when I keep getting this message:
The site you just came from seems to want to verify an identity that you, as [info]callmemadam, cannot provide .
Huh? Then I've tried using my Google account but I'm told my password is wrong. This is very frustrating. Anyone else had the same problem? Any solutions?


Mine's the opposite problem. I have no difficulty with Blogger, but can't comment on Typepad.
Neither will let me use the Open ID/LJ route (although they used to), and Typepad won't let me use my Blogger name.
I'm wondering if it's because I've never made a blog on Typepad, but have on Blogger
Thanks for the info. Bizarre!
[To both ooxc and callmemadam]

LJ have a notice on the list of known problems that "OpenID authentication is failing for some external sites", so I guess that that could be the problem for one or both of you. They say that the problem is being investigated....
Many thanks. rosathome's solution worked for me but of course you must have a blogger account.
I use my wordpress url in the open ID box - I think that the first time I did it I had to put in my wp account name and password, but it was a while ago. I know I had to do something to let them know that I really was me, if you follow.

Can you use the name/url route instead?
It hates my names, too! :-(
With the Google account, you have to type in your whole email address (including @gmail.com). I've found that if I don't do that it tells me my password is wrong (even though it is the ID which is wrong).
Thanks, I'll give that a try! I don't remember having to do it before, though.
Yes, that worked. Thanks so much!