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Towering Follies

I was reading today about plans to pull down and rebuild Clavell Tower

before it falls into the sea. Kimmeridge is so beautiful. You used to be able to walk right up to the tower but I suppose it's not allowed any more. The Landmark Trust is going to rebuild it and as usual I have ambivalent feelings about this sort of conservation. It was built on a cliff edge and now the cliff is crumbling. They could just let it go.

Here's a curiosity. Compare these pics.

Clavell Tower or Folly.

Now this:

It's an illustration by Charlotte Hough for Steeple Folly by M E Atkinson, published in 1950. Uncanny, eh? Not really, as many of the author's books are set in a still recognisable Dorset.

In other news, this naked slave story reminded me very much of The Franchise Affair.
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