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March 2019



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Gentlemen and Players

'Traditional Cricket Sweater' it says on the inside of this pattern. I made myself the boys' version donkey's years ago. It's good as new and perfect for an English summer's day like today. We are not seeing the professionals in them, though. Over on the Live Text Commentary on the Test Match, followers are filling in quiet spells in the match (plenty of those) by complaining about the England strip. (Oh rats! just heard Cook is out.) "even Lily Allen made the point last year that the Aussies looked far better in their cream outfits with knitted sweaters and woolly 'baggies'." says someone with nothing better to do. Who'd think I'd be agreeing with Lily Allen? I also hate those awful caps they wear when being interviewed after the day's play (I know: sponsors). Like modern tennis players in their silly baggy shorts, they look like overgrown toddlers.

This links with what I've just been reading over at burkesworks. I'm in the forlorn hope camp against train station, yarn store and other neologisms for those who speak English English. Heigh ho. I'm looking forward to watching the highlights of Cook's century on Cricket on Five later (too anti-Murdoch to have Sky). Anyone for Boycott Bingo?


You do like the Aussies' green caps, though, don't you? I love them and the guys wear them with real pride.
Yes, I do like those caps. It's galling that the Aussies seem prouder of their traditions than we are.
'Train station' should be 'railway station' in BE? And what is the BE version of 'yarn store'? I can only think of 'yarn shop' or 'wool shop'.

It also confuses me that the Oxford dictionaries give '-ize' as preferred spelling, when the British themselves keep using '-ise'.
I've said railway station all my life and I can't stop now. I don't know what the cut-off age is for this, but to me a place where you buy wool is a wool shop (even if it's not strictly wool). I get annoyed when Word changes my 's' to 'z'. Whenever I'm not sure, I refer to a slim volume called The Oxford Guide for Writers and Editors.
I had no idea it was 'wool shop', I just literally translated the Dutch term for it. :-)

I get annoyed with Word, period! It's taken me ages to get rid of all the pre-programmed 'corrections'.
Never mind the sweaters, Pakistan's 18-year-old wonderkid makes me feel like a right mucky old woman. Isn't he gorgeous?! I have a new pin up, Swann begone!

Actually, do mind the sweaters, England's current kit is dire.
Yes, talk about a wunderkind! Eighteen!