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January 2019



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Found in Books 1. A Grace James Connection

On Cornflower Books recently there was a link to this site: Forgotten Bookmarks. The writer of Forgotten Bookmarks has the advantage of being a dealer who acquires hundreds of books. I don’t buy so many but even so have amassed a small collection of items people have left behind in books. Now I'm going to start sharing them.

I was particularly pleased with this postcard, which was inside one of the John & Mary books by Grace James. It’s dated 1947 and is postmarked Newbury, near to where the fictional John & Mary lived. As if that weren’t enough, it’s addressed to ‘Master John’.

Turn it over and you have a Mabel Lucy Attwell picture. This was obviously carefully chosen, as the writer of the card hopes ‘the onion seed’ will grow for John. What a fascinating glimpse into someone’s life. I do hope John enjoyed the book.


That's my Gran's hand-writing!!

I suppose a lot of people wrote like that ... but I felt a familiar shiver when I saw it. How lovely.
Goodness! It's quite hard to read.
What a coincidence!

I like prize plates and also inscriptions in old books. You feel connected to the person who had the book before and wonder who they were.
Yes! I don't understand why booksellers regard those as detracting from the book's value.
Ohhh, what a lovely find!

Once on a visit to the library my mum and I, a budding stamp collector, found a sheet of the then newly released 1969 Dick Bruna special stamps for children in a book. We borrowed the book and the sheet was mine. I probably should have felt guilty but I'm afraid I didn't. Finders, keepers!

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Excellent stamp find! I like stamps and covers. I was annoyed recently when I bought some books at the market and the seller took out some old postcards I'd noticed before handing over the books.
Argh, that is so unfair! The seller should have given you a discount for not selling the item as is.
Don't know about a discount but it was mean. They probably weren't worth anything and I just wanted them for the interest.
I love his style. It's so simple and yet so effective.
What a lovely find! There are dozens of bookmarks on the mobile library that people have left behind. It's rather sad to find family photos or beautiful hand-embroidered bookmarks in the books. I put them on display for people to reclaim, but so far no one has while I've been on the van. Who knows how long some of them have been left in the books?
It's a shame no one claims the items. I always think it's sad that there are photos no one wants. I'll be including some in this series. What happens to the library finds eventually? I hope they're not just binned.
I don't know about the other drivers, but I keep the ones I find behind the counter just in case. I can't bring myself to throw them away!
Excellent! I'm looking forward to seeing more from your collection.
I'm planning for it to be a regular feature!
Finding things in books is brilliant. I've never found anything as fun as a postcard, though.
I love these finds. Ever found the mythical bacon slice?