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Kindle Love

I’ve bought one. It came yesterday. I was so excited I nearly passed out. You can arrange for books to be downloaded before you even get it, so mine came ready equipped with Middlemarch, Pride & Prejudice and The Diary of a Nobody, all free. English & American dictionaries are on it as default.

Different pictures while it’s resting.

Clear type, easy to read (not in my photo, obv.) and you can adjust the font size.

I think it’s particularly useful if you like old books. Most classics can be downloaded free. Many other older titles are available very cheaply. For instance, you can get 27 books by Charlotte M Yonge for £3.63. I also found The Lady of the Basement Flat by Mrs Vaizey for about 70p. The downloading works like magic.

It’s so slim, so light, it’s this, it’s that. I must knit a dear little case for my new pet.
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