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October 2018



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lego me

Kindle Love

I’ve bought one. It came yesterday. I was so excited I nearly passed out. You can arrange for books to be downloaded before you even get it, so mine came ready equipped with Middlemarch, Pride & Prejudice and The Diary of a Nobody, all free. English & American dictionaries are on it as default.

Different pictures while it’s resting.

Clear type, easy to read (not in my photo, obv.) and you can adjust the font size.

I think it’s particularly useful if you like old books. Most classics can be downloaded free. Many other older titles are available very cheaply. For instance, you can get 27 books by Charlotte M Yonge for £3.63. I also found The Lady of the Basement Flat by Mrs Vaizey for about 70p. The downloading works like magic.

It’s so slim, so light, it’s this, it’s that. I must knit a dear little case for my new pet.


I hadn't the faintest flicker of desire for one, but 27 books for £3 is almost swaying me ... of course, you lose the fun of finding them in a secondhand shop.
I'm not suggesting it's a substitute for the real thing and it so happens I already have more than twenty seven books by CMY. But I couldn't carry them around with me and they're hard to read in bed.

There aren't any more second hand bookshops round here :-( and I get my finds at the market. I have a lot of Mrs Vaizey books but not that particular one, so it's win.
I'm so interested to read this as I am 'on the verge' and keep on drawing back thinking "I've got too many 'real' books waiting without acquiring 'e' ones to add to the vastness of the unread", "I don't travel enough to justify it", "how much would I use it?", "wait until they do it in colour", etc. etc. So, lots of reasons not to get one but I still rather fancy it.
You must show us your knitted case!
Ha ha, I also had those reasons for not buying. Plus, they'll be like mobiles, out of date in no time. But I love it!
I'll be very interested to see how easy using and reading are. It would be nice to take one slim item on holiday instead of two or three books - OTOH, books survive being bashed around a bit better.
Yes, you can't really *break* a paperback and it's cheaply replaced. If I can use it, anyone can, I'd say.


Getting closer to a Kindle

Despite myself I am beginning to feel the first twinges of temptation!
On the one hand, I'm not overly keen on technology and already have shelves of proper books that I have yet to read, but on the other hand, the thought of being able to stock up on classics so cheaply is very tempting indeed as is being able to carry around enough reading matter to suit all eventualities without dislocating my shoulder!
Going to have to think about this!

Re: Getting closer to a Kindle

Everything you say applies to me as well but I've fallen for it. I was slightly worried in advance about mastering the technology but it's easy and there's a lot of online support.
I'm not much of a traveller, so pbooks will always win as far as I'm concerned.

Your new toy, I mean pet, does look cute though. How will you name it/him/her?
My sister just asked me the same thing! Still nameless and awaiting inspiration.

It's not just travel. you could be stuck anywhere, a hospital for instance. And you'd have lots to read!
I'm another who is on the brink - my OH asked me if I wanted one for my birthday (well, nor surprising, I've hinted until I'm blue in the face!) Not quite ready to commit myself yet, so I'll be very interested to see how you get on with yours. Please do tell if you are as besotted with it in a couple of weeks!
Will do!
I am in love with our Kindle. Actually, it was a Christmas gift to Jon, but he hasn't used it yet, not that I have been monopolizing it (well, perhaps a bit ...). I know that you are going to enjoy yours enormously.
Thanks, I'm sure I will. Hope Jon gets some use of yours!
I hate to tell you...but "The Lady of the Basement Flat", along with much of the rest of Mrs Vaizey's oeuvre, is available free at Project Gutenberg.
I know that, but unlike you I don't like reading on a computer screen. I also have the book in a GOA but that's not easy to read, either, as you have to find each episode and the book is so heavy. So don't feel sorry for me!
Actually, my thought was that you could have downloaded the book from PG to the Kindle, and not have had to pay for it.

It now occurs to me, however, that perhaps you can't get PG books onto a Kindle? ISTR hearing mutterings from others about the limited formats that the machine supports. Or something.

But anyway, I'm glad I shouldn't be feeling sorry for you. :-)
I haven't tried downloading from other sites yet. I marked several which were recommended on GO and will give it a try some time. The Kindle is pretty well tied in to Amazon, unsurprisingly. That still gives you plenty of options and quite a few free downloads.
I don't imagine Gutenberg would give you an instant wireless transfer, but there is a Kindle option for transferring pdf files. OTOH, they say 'fees may apply' without saying what the fees are!



Nan here - I'm with you completely. I LOVE mine. So far I have two Sarah Orne Jewett books that cost 0! A world war two mystery called Billy Boyle also 0! Two Miss Marples, the second in the Vish Puri series, and the third in the Molly Winter series. I'm happy, happy but not getting much sleep. I want to read all the time. I think because the print is so clear and the ease is so great that I am reading faster. Did you see Simon's quote from Forster about the words being what's important? Went right along with what I wrote about the rare book thief, and my love for this new device. I love the way it feels and the way it sounds when I (oh so gently) put it on the shelf. A miracle, truly. Maybe not a religious one but a miracle of technology.

Re: Agreeing

So weird we got them in the same week! I agree about the easy reading, especially in bed.
I'm still undecided about these things. That said, I've been very pleasantly surprised by the experience of reading e-books on my iPhone, so I'm more favourably disposed than I was.

I hope you enjoy using it. And do let us know how you get on with it over time - I'll be very interested to hear.
See, I'd never bother with an iPhone!

Thank you! I'll keep you posted on how long the affair lasts.